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Leader MythikalGuy
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Region North America
Server Connery
Tags/Abbreviations AMEX, Transaction
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[edit] Outfit Moto

"Less Q'ing, More Pew'ing"

[edit] History

[edit] Commando Squad and EXE

Transaction began as a two-man idea within the prestigious and well known outfit known as Outfit:Execution, MythikalGuy and MrBoson, the two founding fathers of Transaction, met within [EXE] and founded a squad that would later become known by many names, most commonly the Commandos.

The Commando squad was a collection of tight-knit tactical thinking people who's play style was similar to that of both MrBoson and MythikalGuy. The original Commandos put more value in teamwork and coordination than individual skill. Through dedication and a blood thirsty crew both of these squad leaders eventually made the Commando Squad a well known and feared outfit on Helios.

Wanting to take the organization and play style of Commandos further, MythikalGuy decided on a course of action that would eventually lead to the founding of Transaction. While hashing out some details with his Second in Command MythikalGuy and MrBoson began the brainchild that would eventually evolve into Transaction. Finally MythikalGuy decided on a course of action for himself and the direction he wanted to take.

Taking with him MrBoson and his most dedicated Commandos MythikalGuy founded Transaction. Now with their aid and popular support from friendly outfits and the public Transaction seeks to rise through the ranks of infamy into the number one category. Our goal is two fold; First we seek to make Transaction the single handedly undisputed master of war and intrigue, and second, We seek to have a helluva lot of fun doing it.

[edit] March 27: Operation King Raven

With only a week or so behind Transaction Mythikalguy set the ambitious goal of having a commando squad consistent of only AMEX commandos up and running for the Friday night King of the Hill operation. With the help of his officers and his faithful commandos Transaction was able to participate in the op.

Transaction proved once again the Commandos effectiveness on the Outfits first op; where the Commandos took the deadliness of Outfit:666th Devil Dogs max crash to an entirely new level and raided Ravens Landing. With 12 soldiers versus a heavily platoon fortified base the situation looked grim...

For the poor bastards holding that base. . .

The commandos won out to the point where they controlled it until Conversion. With aide from Outfit:Execution and other allied outfits the commandos held ravens landing until the overwhelming NC and VS forces finally pushed them out. However no one would forget the first successful operation of Commandos, nor will they forget the heroism or leadership of SaphryreWinds AKA TheLostLenore.

[edit] Outfit Structure

As an individual outfit Transaction aims to be the most highly organized killing machine on the blood fields of Auraxis. To this end our command structure has been molded into a highly evolved machine. All functions are sought to be utilized to their maximum efficiency. As such each division of the Transaction Command will have its own area of operation. As such each division will have its own set of rules, guidelines, authority, and culture. However It is believed that Teamwork is the ultimate tool for any military force and to that end all divisions, despite individualism within the agency, will work cohesively with its counter-parts in order to form a well connected grid.

This guide was meant to give a detailed breakdown and better understanding of how the Transaction command structure operates. However due to security issues and due to the danger of any misuse of information gathered on this wiki page, I will be excluding any names or operations currently going on. This is only meant to be a general breakdown.

[edit] Rank Structure

Within Transaction there has to be a command system to ensure that orders are followed and that the outfits goals and missions are acknowledged and carried out. In addition to this goal it is also necessary to have leaders who have the ability and capacity to vote upon important subject matter within the outfit.

As you may well know, an outfit on Planetside 2 we have 5 slots for ranks. This allowed for five levels of clearance and participation. Within Transaction we have thoroughly broken down the role of command. It is as followed from greatest form of command to least.

Colonel- The top of the hierarchy is the Colonel. With our current population there will always be 3 Colonels within Transaction. Having three colonels allows for maximum coverage of command without having 'too many chefs in the kitchen' which can and does happen to a lot of people within Planetside 2. The Colonels dictate day-to-day outfit operation on a general scale: I.E. giving specific directions or points to attack. However the outfit and it's functions are too vast for specific control over every aspect so they will have five aides.

On top of this each Colonel heads a division. He is in charge of his individual division and every sub-division related to that particular division. He may command this division as he sees fit or he may allow his aide to run it in a different manner. Colonels are the final authority. However a Colonels decision may be overridden through a 9/10ths popular vote amongst Commandos, or a 7/10ths popular vote amongst the Majors and the Tribunal.

Major- Just under the rank of Colonel is the rank of Major. There are Five Majors at any given time and they act as Aides for the Colonels. The Majors handle the more tedious and specific details of managing the outfit. Each Major heads a department and runs it in conjunction with his corresponding colonel.

Majors act as the backbone of the command structure within Transaction. Without the Majors to direct the minute flows of traffic within the Outfit then the Colonels would soon drown under the unending tide of actions needed to be taken on a daily basis.

Commando- Commandos are the lifesblood of the outfit. Without the commandos both the Major and Colonels are completely useless chickens. However with the unwavering loyalty that Transaction Command receives from its commandos there isn't a single force within Auraxis or outside of it that can stand up to the brutal fighting machine that is Transaction. Commandos hold rank over both Corporals and Marines and are capable of putting forth Corporals and Marines and fellow Commandos for promotion, commendation, and merits. In addition to this Commandos may operate within agencies and may vote upon outfit matters. It is also from this rank that the judges for the Tribunal will be selected.

Corporal- Corporals are a transitional stage between the fresh marines and the seasoned Commandos. This rank provides no special permissions or privileges, but it does mark the completion of various training's. However a corporal has no definitive time limit he has to stay within in order to reach the rank of Commando. Corporals have at the very least earned a sort of permanency within the outfit. To move up from this rank the Corporal must have taken quite a few training classes and been recommended by several superiors.

Marine- Recruits fresh from the bloody fields of Auraxis. Marines have a probation period in which they are required to complete at least Infantry 1. Failure to complete this demand will result in expulsion from the outfit. To be moved to corporal they must also have two recommendations from outstanding members in the transaction community. However with completion of infantry 1 they are given an indefinite amount of time to shine. So long as they are actively trying to prove their mettle, then they will be given as much time as they need to get those recommendations.

[edit] AMEX Command

AMEX command or AMCOM for short is an umbrella term used to describe all divisions, sub divisions, and agencies within Transaction. The AMEX Command is headed by all three colonels and run by the five majors and their agents. AMCOM is where the major decisions are made before they are broke down into more explicit and detailed orders to be given to specific squads, agencies, or agents. It is the directive of AMCOM to ensure that all slots necessary are filled by the proper people. This includes the 5 Major's and their Second in Commands as well as ensuring each Major is doing his/her job effectively. Any errors, discrepancies, misuse, misconduct, or negligence by a major will fall under the Colonels watchful gaze. If required the failing Major should be removed from his/her seat of power and replaced with a more competent Commando.

[edit] AMEX Justice


[edit] AMEX Military


[edit] AMEX Intelligence


[edit] AMEX Relations


[edit] Ethics

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[edit] Teamwork

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[edit] Code of Conduct

ALL Transaction members are expected to know and adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Be civil and show respect to all players, friend and foe alike. Any disagreements should be kept from public channels and resolved through private /tells. We understand that this is a tense game and all players are human but when an argument happens ... let it go.
  2. Absolutely NO intentional shooting or killing of ANYONE in the TR. If you are killed (intentionally or not) by another TR player, DO NOT retaliate. Retaliation only perpetuates TK'ing and makes you and the 42RM look bad. Other players observing may not have seen the events preceding and will ONLY see you killing a team mate. This affects the perception of the entire outfit so save the bullets for the VS & NC.
  3. If you accidentally kill someone by running them over, shooting them, or catching them in an explosion etc... APOLOGIZE (by typing V, V, S or better yet /tell them you are sorry). This will alleviate many problems. If you find yourself killing people a lot, please BE MORE CAREFUL. If you can't drive without running people over, you don't belong behind the wheel. If you can't use grenades or rockets without killing friendly troops - you need to learn how to use those weapons properly.
  4. If you choose to (you do not have to) be in a squad, adhere to your squad leader's orders. The Planetside experience is best when we are functioning as a coordinated, cohesive unit. Following orders is one of the many challenges of being in a squad. Orders are not issued because we just want to tell people what to do. Accept the challenge of the role you play and do your best to follow orders. If you cannot fulfill your orders or do not agree with them, send your squad leader a /tell. Never publicly argue.
  5. The use of exploits/cheats/hacks are strictly prohibited and may result in immediate removal from the outfit. If you find your character/vehicle stuck in an exploit (such as auto-repair), immediately respawn, deconstruct your vehicle, or completely relog.
  6. Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in a warning. Continual violations will result in further consequences such as suspension and banning.

MythikalGuy (talk) 13:42, 2 April 2013 (CDT)

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[AMEX] What is teamwork in planetside 2?

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