The 4 Aces

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The 4 Aces
Leader XanderWiFi
Empire Logo nc.pngNew Conglomerate
Region US East
Server Emerald
Website The 4 Aces Website
Stats The 4 Aces Stats


[edit] About

The Four Aces is a networking guild that recruits players who demonstrate mutual respect, team skill and the ability to have a fun. Members play under the banner tag [4ACE] and take pride in the group’s philosophy of success through equal parts fun and competitive gaming. Current outfit focus is on Planetside 2, utilizing military tactics and movement techniques with real-time adaptive leadership to overcome any obstacles faced.

[edit] History

The ideals surrounding The Four Aces came into being in 2003 with the release of Resident Evil: Outbreak. A Steam group committed to those ideals was created in 2008 during the release of Left 4 Dead as members sought stable players to avoid team killers and other unsavory personalities in the public arena. In March of 2013, The Four Aces made the jump from Steam to an official website after developing a committed following that enjoyed the values passed down from the outfit leader and creator: XanderWiFi.

[edit] Present

Despite being a new outfit, The Four Aces has already drawn a quality group of members that take pride in running daily operations and upholding standards that are unique from other organizations. The outfit currently ranks in the top 20th percentile of all Planetside 2 outfits. The Four Aces has recently joined the the NC Coalition [NCC] and undoubtedly become more effective working alongside similar organizations.

[edit] Recruiting

The Four Aces is a great option because it is not a hardcore gaming outfit with mandatory trainings and events; rather it maintains realistic guidelines providing members access to organized teamwork without sacrificing real life priorities. Officer demeanor is relaxed as long as ethos is adhered to and the first priority is enjoyable gameplay. However, quality is not sacrificed as strategy and cohesion are incorporated into activities. Our general recruiting motto is “teamplay with no douchebaggery” which sounds simple, but the rampant amount of online trolls proves otherwise.

[edit] Membership Structure

Officers - Support the outfit leader’s vision and fulfill collateral duties requiring administrative work outside of games as well as leading and coordinating events within the game. Officers are selected as individuals with sound judgment and interpersonal skills who are willing to step up and drive the endeavors of the outfit.

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) - NCO support the officers in-game, lead fire teams or squads and develop new players as well as training members in tactics and strategies approved by Officers. When an officer is not present, the NCO takes control of a group/situation and leads.

Evaluators - Evaluators are members that embody the virtues of The Four Aces and maintain active participation and a positive reputation. This status identifies a member as someone whose opinion officers can trust when reviewing recruits. They are critical to the task of developing the next generation of Aces.

Members - Personnel that have submitted an application and passed in-game review concluding they are a good team player and not prone to malicious behavior. Members are required to learn the outfit regulations and tactics and expected to use them under Officer/NCO leadership when playing.

Private - A Private is someone that has been brought in as a recruit, registered on The Four Aces website but has not completed the review process yet. If a member requires remediation they are demoted to private for a secondary review or removal if unable to correct their behavior.

Recruit - A recruit has no status, but have shown the potential to be an Ace. These are individuals who have been recruited, but not registered on the outfit website or completed review.

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