Beta Update (2012/09/13)

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[edit] General

  • We continue to address crash bugs and stability tweaks to create a more stable gameplay experience.
  • Commander Certifications are now available.
  • Players may no longer spawn/respawn into a MAX units.
  • Equipment Terminals will no longer heal players when used.
  • Warpgate Locations have been moved.
  • Resource Rewards have been slightly adjusted.
  • A number of map enhancements have been made.

[edit] Known Issues

  • Waypoints are currently being worked on to allow different types. Currently waypoints are not working correctly at this time but are being worked on.

[edit] Notable Bug Fixes

[edit] Classes

  • The MAX will no longer be available for respawn. Players will now access an equipment terminal to use the MAX.

[edit] Vehicles

  • The Magrider's turn speed and strafe has been adjusted.

[edit] Items

[edit] Certifications

  • Infrared Night Vision Certifications are now available on vehicle weapons.
  • Commander certifications allow the use Command channels.
  • Certifications for the Heal and Repair tools have been added.

[edit] World

  • The New Conglomerate Warpgate is now located in the eastern portion of the map.
  • The Terran Republic Warpgate is now located in the northern portion of the map.
  • The Vanu Sovereignty Warpgate is now located in the southern portion of the map.
  • Peris capture mechanics have been updated.
  • Players should now see enemy units more clearly on the mini-map.

[edit] Interface

  • A toggle for the continent map is now available that will show a coordinate based grid which can be used to coordinate movement.
  • A “center on me” toggle has been added to the upper left corner of the map. Arrows around this toggle will allow the map to pan.
  • Facility names now appear on the continent map if the Facility toggle is on.
  • The continent map will now save your position and zoom level when you close the interface.
  • An activity indicator has been added to the region information panel. As you mouse over the regions with the Territory control toggle on you can see value listed for how busy that region is.
  • Hotspot indicators should more accurately drop players in the location they are requesting.
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