Beta Update (2012/09/16)

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We’ve made some changes to the way influence affects the way you capture a facility or outpost. The old system used to give you a “head-start” bonus in tickets towards capture/defense. This “head-start” is going away and influence will now affect the rate at which you gain tickets. The more territory you have surrounding your targeted region, the faster your tickets will accumulate.

The ticket rate will change dynamically depending on what happens during the battle to the adjacent territories. If you have 100% influence on a region your tickets will be climbing at the fastest speed possible for that facility/outpost, thus making capture of it quite fast. If you start losing territory, then your ticket rate will slow down. Even if you have zero influence, as long as you control a point your tickets will keep gaining but at a snails pace.

For example, Dahaka Amp Station:

Influence Capture Time
100% 5 Minutes
50% 10 Minutes
33% 15 Minutes
0% 45 Minutes

This new influence mechanic will affect all facilities and outposts across the board with the exception of the forward spawns on the Amp Stations (these are instant cap, no tickets).

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