Beta Update (2012/10/18)

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Lot's of good fixes out this week.


[edit] Known issues:

First a couple known issues we'll hotfix asap:

[edit] Headlines:

  • Infantry and vehicle weapons are unlocked with cert points instead of Auraxium
  • Auraxium rewards were removed from the game
  • Cert points are earned with every 250 Experience Points instead of 1000 experience points
  • Gameplay implants were removed, will return later as a loadout slot
  • Weapon medals grant cert point rewards

[edit] Top Player Bugs Resolved:

  • Frame rate shouldn't affect fire rate
  • Infiltrators should not be able to fire while cloaked
  • Ability system improvements to help protect against abilities getting stuck on or off
  • Ammo boxes,Anti-Personnel Mines ,and Tank Mines should be more responsive
  • Fixed an issue where players would get into a semi-dead state
  • Resolved an issue where players would log in or spawn at a location in the middle of the zone
  • Platoons should no longer get in a broken leaderless state
  • Players should no longer spawn at zero health
  • Removed a case where players could get weapons into an unusable state
  • The heal and repair tools now have sticky targeting

[edit] Weapons:

  • All shotgun damage and range has been reduced
  • TR shotgun rate of fire is a little slower, but it is still the fastest shotgun
  • Projectile drop was slightly increased

[edit] Vehicles:

[edit] Certs:

  • Scout Radar certification is now 4 ranks. Maximum range reduced to 200 meters
  • Galaxy acquire timer certifications now capable of reducing timer to 5 minutes
  • Mineguard certifications are now 4 ranks

[edit] Misc:

  • Queues for logging in to full servers or zones (no more having to spam the play button or warp button) Oh wait, sorry that wasn't fixed you still have to spam the button.
  • Client performance optimizations
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