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The Construction System is a game-play mechanic which allows players to construct player-made bases. These bases can have a HIVE built inside of them, which causes the base to appear on the map and slowly generate Victory Points.


[edit] Vehicles

The main and only vehicle directly related to the construction system is the ANT, which collects Cortium to power player-made base systems and allows for the initial construction of said base.

[edit] Turrets

There are buildable turrets within the game that allow players to better defend their base when constructed. These constructible turrets are the three main Phalanx Turrets. The Xihpos Phalanx Turret (anti-infantry) costs Cortium. The Aspis Phalanx Turret (anti-air) costs Certs. The Spear Phalanx Turret (anti-tank) costs Certs. Current turret costs need references.

[edit] Tools

Currently, the only item in this category is a wieldable tool called the Decon Tool. Decon is short for Deconstruction, which explains the purpose of the tool. It is used to deconstruct friendly construction items.

[edit] Walls

Template:Construction Cover

[edit] Structures

Template:Construction Structures

[edit] Generators

The Construction System only has one generator at this time, called the HIVE. The HIVE causes the base to appear on the map, and slowly generates Victory Points over time.

[edit] Modules

Modules are small powered construction objects that provide buffs and effects to other nearby construction objects, such as the AI Module, which allows all nearby turrets to automatically attack targets within its range.

[edit] Logistics

Template:Construction Logistics

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