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Esamir Map

Esamir is a continent featuring icy tundra terrain and only 15 small outposts compared to the 52 on Indar. There are seven facilities that consist of Amp Stations, Bio-Labs and only one Tech Plant.

Because of the continent's relatively flat terrain and minimal cover the conflicts that take place on Esamir are dominated by tank columns and other forms of vehicular warfare. Aircraft are especially potent here, as the aforementioned lack of cover makes strafing runs completely unavoidable.

Esamir is also the only continent that does not have a completely dark night cycle. Instead of being plunged into darkness like Indar and Amerish, Esamir enters a "twilight" phase with lower lighting, but still plenty of visibility for all players.

Capturing Esamir will yield a 10% reduction to vehicle construction on all continents for the faction that holds it, until it is claimed by another faction.

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