Game Update 3 (2013/02/21)

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[edit] General Updates

  • Tweaks have been made to render distance values

[edit] Infantry Updates

  • Corrected an issue while using HR-NV on an SMG on low settings that would make it difficult to see other players within 20m
  • Dying and reviving with the VS Eridani SX5 HS/NV Scope equipped will no longer cause the scope to become misaligned.
  • Icon for the VS Eridani SX5 should no longer be misaligned
  • If an engineer turret is placed on or near a vehicle pad, they will be deconstructed when a vehicle spawns.
  • New SMG’s and customization items

[edit] Vehicle Updates

  • Optics will no longer persist when switching from gunner to the driver’s seat in various vehicles

Item Updates

[edit] UI Updates

  • Players with outfit tags should be able to see kill messages in chat
  • Made it so players can see hotspots on continents they are not on.
  • While using the Enemy/Ally HUD color scheme, the influence pie chart will only display 2 wedges (ally vs enemy) instead of three (two of them being red anyway)
  • Squad leaders should now be properly added to the Command Chat voice channel
  • Squad leaders that belong to a platoon should now be able to promote a member of their squad to the role of squad leader.
  • Fixed an issue where changing an outfit member’s rank would not always work on the first attempt
  • Corrected an issue where multiple consumable tints could not be purchased at once in the Premium Early Access section of the depot
  • Submachine guns should now appear properly in the depot when filtering for Infiltrator or Heavy Assault weapons
  • Influence percentages on the HUD should now update more dynamically
  • Fixed an issue where purple generator icons were being displayed on the respawn map instead of the appropriate destroyed generator icon
  • Will no longer display a “Killed by []” message in chat when you are killed by a pain field

[edit] Facility Updates

  • Fixed the spawn location for Xelas South Bridge
  • Made fixes to the coverage of multiple spawn room pain fields including:
    • Zurvan Pump Station
    • Zurvan Network Complex
    • All forward spawns for Dahaka
    • Saurva Data Storage
    • Mao Southeast Gate
    • Mao Southwest Gate
    • Rashnu Cavern
    • Rashnu Southern Pass
    • Allatum Broadcast Hub
    • Allatum Research Lab
    • Hvar Northgate Garrison
    • Auraxicom Substation
    • Wokuk Shipping Dock
    • Wokuk Storage Yard
    • Camp Waterson
    • Elli Barracks Complex
  • Should now be able to successfully capture the Freyr Substation forward spawn point
  • Fixed the spawn point at the NS Refinery
  • Made fixes so the spawn room shields will properly change faction when the point is captured across the following areas:
    • Hvar, Southeast Forward Spawn
    • Mekala, North Forward Spawn
    • Tumas, Northeast Forward Spawn
  • All jump pads at Tawrich Depot should work correctly again
  • All teleporters at Andvari Bio Lab should have functioning shields again
  • Amerish’s East Hills Checkpoint should now display correct region info in the HUD
  • All jump pads and air vehicle pads at Elli Amp Station should now properly recognize the Empire in control of the facility
  • Saerro Listening Post’s teleporter room has had its pain field re-enabled
  • Fixed an issue where specific door shields at Zurvan would be invisible when viewed from certain angles
  • Corrected some missing wall textures at Tawrich
  • Corrected ramp geometry errors across all amp stations
  • Regions of the Vanu Archives should no longer display as part of Snake Ravine in the HUD

[edit] Audio Updates

  • VS Flare audio should no longer cut out when running low on ammo
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