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Leader Traindon & FrostyZTheSnowman
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Server Connery
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Archaven is a defunct Planetside 2 outfit of the Archaven gaming community which formed from the consolidation of the Pothycraft, Nevani, and former InHaven Minecraft communities. It is an outfit of the Terran Republic faction on the Connery server. Archaven has taken the place of the now defunct Supply and Demand outfit which had the tag [ECON]. Originally accepting only members of the Archaven community, the outfit leaders have opened membership to the general player population. The outfit tag is currently [AHVN].

The "Little Sunderer That Could" is rallying symbol for the outfit and refers to a battle at Raven Landing on Amerish where a sunderer driven by Traindon was unable to gain enough traction to crest a mountain slope and enter the base. Having no choice but to deploy the sunderer on the mountain slope, the sunderer endured heavy attack from Vanu forces approaching from Auraxis Firearms Corps. Traindon, Frostyzthesnowman, and KaraSkakalac managed to defend and repair the vulnerable sunderer for many minutes against armor, infantry, and maxes while Terran forces captured Raven Landing. The sunderer's health bar reached dangerously low levels many times during the firefight but managed to stay functioning. The sunderer later exploded after driving off another mountain cliff.

The first base captured by the newly reformed Archaven was also Raven Landing.


[edit] Ranks

The ranks for Archaven allude to corporate business structure and are as follows from the most to least senior:

  • Admiral - Leaders of the outfit
  • Commodore - Highly honored members
  • Commander - Senior members and/or effective squad/platoon leaders
  • Sapling - Regular members
  • Acorn - New recruits

[edit] Tactics

Archaven often uses sunderers in its operations but its tactics are varied. Sometimes an Archaven squad or platoon will follow a zerg and sometimes they will pursue base captures on their own. Occasionally a Covert Squad will sneak behind enemy lines and hack terminals and turrets and a Silly Squad will engage in behavior that is amusing but not necessarily beneficial to the faction.

[edit] Lingo

These are some of terms and phrases used by the outfit:

  • Pancake - synonym for a prowler
  • Hamburger - an upgraded prowler
  • RV - another name for a sunderer
  • Winnebago - an upgraded sunderer
  • "Bacon is sizzling" - means a spawn beacon has been deployed
  • Zergin' - means following a zerg or being a zerg

[edit] Notable Campaigns

[edit] Amerish Domination

A platoon led by ECON, being the only known Terran platoon on the continent at the time, managed to warpgate the New Conglomerate and then the Vanu Sovereignty. Hidden Ridge Mining, a tiny base only accessible by going around the Vanu warp gate was also captured during the campaign as a trophy capture.

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