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Indar Map

Indar is the first continent created for PlanetSide 2, and was featured in the original PlanetSide 2 trailer. Its visual theme is that of canyons and desert wasteland. Indar's northern landscape is mostly a flat desert area with few high hill and ledges, a giant Oasis stretches out covering up the entire southwest of Indar, and labyrinths of canyons are located in the southeast, with very high mountains and ledges, making vehicles much more vulnerable to infantry ambushes, waiting atop of the canyons.


[edit] Geography & Landscape

[edit] Gameplay

Indar is a very wide and sprawling continent, a large landmass with mountains and roads weaving through the many paths going in and out of facilities. It is important to take notice of vehicle warfare, both air and ground alike, as it is common to see a Mosquito or a Magrider assaulting the many bases from afar and often stationed upon hills for visibility. Contrary to supposed logic, players will often not find Infiltrators picking off players from ridiculously high vantage points because of both the bullet drop physics and poor accuracy.

There are several common points on the continent that are often seen as endless struggles. The Crown is quite prevalent due to its mountain-like nature and the tedious siege operation often required to take it. Many bases, like The Crown, are quite defensible due to the use of powerful turrets that serve as both deterrents to aircraft, ground vehicles, and infantry.

There is a lack of water on the continent in general, and, thus, a lack of water-based gameplay. It has been said that the developers consider the addition of water to be developed and implemented much later, due to the sheer difficulty of preparing it.

[edit] Facilities

There are three primary facility types on Indar: Tech Plant, Bio Lab, and Amp Station.

[edit] Tech Plants

Tawrich Tech Plant West of the South-Eastern Warpgate

Hvar Tech Plant North of the South-Western Warpgate

Mao Tech Plant South-East of the Northern Warpgate

[edit] Bio Labs

Rashnu Bio Lab North of the South-Eastern Warpgate

Allatum Bio Lab North-East of the South-Western Warpgate

Saurva Bio Lab West of the Northern Warpgate

[edit] Amp Stations

Zurvan Amp Station North-West of the South-Eastern Warpgate

Peris Amp Station East of the South-Western Warpgate

Dahaka Amp Station South West of the Northern Warpgate

[edit] Important Outposts

The Crown An Outpost which sits atop a tall mountain in the center of Indar, The Crown is one of the most hotly-contested territories in Indar and all of Auraxis. The Crown itself is not constructed differently than other Outposts, but its centralized location in Indar and the local terrain make it home to particularly long sieges.

The Crown can only be accessed by infantry through north and south roads, as all other locations around The Crown are too steep for land vehicle to climb. The narrow access points bottleneck advancing forces from either side, and The Crown's high vantage point allows its turrets and defenders to easily snipe enemy forces from afar, especially when traveling on the bridges that lead to the southern entrance. Ultimately, players who attack The Crown in vehicles must travel along long predictable pathways, vulnerable to fire from The Crown much of the way.

The northern entrance is more direct, and follows a road that zig-zags along the northern side of the mountain The Crown sits on. While forces who attack from the north are not as clearly visible as those who approach from the south, vehicles are still easily bottlenecked along the twisting road and all forces are very vulnerable to attacks from defending infantry above them.

Because of the constant fighting over The Crown, the territory is referred to by some players as a "cert factory" or a location where it is easier to find a fight and gain certifications than other regions that endure long periods of minimal combat.

Crossroads Watchtower Outpost between South-Eastern and South-Western warpgates. The outpost is used by either faction controlling it as basement to attack The Crown with mechanized units.

Regent Rock Garrison Outpost between South-Eastern and South-western warpgates. That outpost is quickly overrun when one faction outnumbers another. The proximity of Peris Amp Station and Tawrich Tech Plant allow for armored units to reinforce either side quickly.

Arroyo Torre Station Outpost adjacent to South-Eastern warpgate

Feldspar Canyon Base Outpost close to South-Eastern warpgate

Crimson Bluff Tower Outpost between South-Eastern and Northern warpgates

[edit] Media

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