Beta Update (2012/08/30)

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[edit] General:

  • A number of Client Stability and Performance improvements have been made.
  • Players may now purchase additional Infantry and Vehicle certifications.
  • Zurvan and Peris base capture mechanics have been changed.
  • Capture mechanics now have an adjaceny requirement.
  • A YouTube Uploader is now available in the client.
  • A certification to reduce the squad spawn timer is now available.
  • A certification that allows the player to gain health when they heal others is now available.

[edit] Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Keybinding will now save again between gameplay sessions.
  • Platoon, Squad, and Outfit bugs have been fixed allowing for better voice and chat communication.

[edit] Items:

  • A few weapon scope certification costs have been adjusted.
  • Healing and Revive Grenade costs have been adjusted.

[edit] Vehicles:

[edit] The Following Vehicle Certifications have been added:

[edit] The Liberator has been adjusted in the following ways:

  • The magazine size of the 105mm cannon has been reduced.
  • The direct hit damage of the 105mm cannon has been adjusted.
  • The Recoiless rifle damage has been adjusted.
  • It's resistance to AA and Flak has been slightly adjusted.

[edit] The firing rate of the Scythe and Reaver have been adjusted.

[edit] Infantry:

[edit] World:

  • The Zurvan and Peris base capture systems have been changed.
  • In order to capture a base, your empire will now need to own a hex adjacent to it.
  • Overseer voiceover has been added for base capture status.
  • Anti-Air Phalanx Turrets overheat time has been adjusted.

[edit] Squad/Platoon:

  • Platoon and Squad Members are no longer indicated as the same color in the Minimap.
  • Platoon voice chat should now be working as intended.
  • Players will no longer lose cursor functionality on the UI page.
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