Beta Update (2012/09/21)

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The PlanetSide 2 Beta has been updated with new gameplay mechanics, combat adjustments, and bug fixes. These may be subject to change or addition as needed. Your intel briefing is below:


[edit] General

  • New certifications are now available to qualified infantry, pilots, and drivers.
  • Terran Republic and Vanu Sovereignty researchers have improved a few of their standard issue weapons. They request complete field testing, so good luck with that. Bring a helmet. See details below.

[edit] Notable Bug Fixes

  • Iron sights now appear on Rocket Launchers.
  • Command has conceded that soldiers should have the ability to select their deployment point in Instant Action. You will no longer spawn in a different location than what you selected in the menu.
  • Vehicles should now be detected on the minimap when they are in close range unless they have Stealth certification.

[edit] Known Issues

  • There is a known issue with the Recon Detect Device not working. We will turn off purchasing later today for it until it works as designed.
  • We are going to disable spawning MAXes today on beta. They're taking damage when they bump into stuff. Will hotfix them back ASAP.

[edit] Classes

[edit] Engineers

[edit] Combat Medic

  • Medic Applicators are now advanced enough to require further certification. These will change heal and revive speeds not to mention increase range.
  • Instructors at the Advanced Combat Medic Training Facilities have perfected a technique that now makes reviving a MAX unit possible however the stringent requirements will only bring them back at partial health.

[edit] Heavy Assault

  • Certifying in improvements for the Nanite Mesh Generator will now increase the regeneration rate and may save your life on the battlefield.
  • With the proper training (certification) Heavy Assault will find the extra 3 pockets hidden on their suit enabling them to carry more rockets. We promise they are there!

[edit] Infiltrators

  • Stolen encryption data will now allow an Infiltrator to hack an enemy equipment terminal and "liberate" supplies once certified. Many spies died to bring you this information so use it wisely.
  • Infiltrators may also use similar techniques to hack an enemy turret and higher levels of certification will allow them to do so more quickly. Turning them against your allies, no matter how funny, is strictly prohibited.
  • New Cloaking tech has now been approved for field testing which once certified will allow an Infiltrator to move much quicker when cloaked. Be warned that early results show a decreased effectiveness in armor when utilizing it. In fact, we can’t find the first few batches, so watch your toes. They’re out there. Just…invisible.
  • Controversial techniques now allow an Infiltrator to adjust their Cloak to provide more protection against damage. *Certification in this skill is being required after the initial test subjects were brutally electrocuted. Whole lab still smells like bacon and regret.

[edit] MAX

  • New manufacturing contracts will now allow soldiers to purchase a flamethrower for their MAX system for the low low price of 8,000 Auraxium! In unrelated sales, our patent pending” burn creams, ointment and do it yourself skin-graft™ “ kits can be had for the low low price of 9,000 Auraxium.
  • MAX units now require resources and have a respawn timer.

[edit] Vehicles

  • There is extra space for more vehicle ammunition! With the proper certification we can show you how to stack, load, and store ammo more efficiently. Check out Relaod Speed increases as well. This may or may not involve the use of ridiculously priced bunjee cords.
  • Hover Control certifications are now available to show you how to make the Scythe, Mosquito, or Reaver hover better than a drill sergeant over a new recruit. Get trained today!
  • Due to new military aviation standards, ejection equipment is now available for certified pilots in all aircraft. While there is no dishonor in escape, remember that aircraft will be deducted from your standard pay.
  • Mineguard Certification is available to mitigate damage to your tank. Don't become a victim and ensure you are prepared. Remember the Nanite Systems slogan: “Mineguard: If it blows up, it’s probably your fault.”
  • All aircraft now have ECM packages available for Stealth certification to reduce detection range and increase lock on time.
  • A new alloy whose properties allow it to absorb more damage has been approved for use on all tanks. This will increase every tanks overall resistance to damage. Do not taunt the “new alloy.”
  • Pilots are now using minor magnetic fields around their aircraft to discourage Flak. As a result this weapon is very slightly less effective than it once was. Seroiusly how much impact will magnets have?
  • To combat overheating of Scythe and Reaver rocket pods, fire rates have been slowed.
  • The Skyguard Turret magazine size has been reduced to 40. Additional bolts have better secured it and reduced recoil.

[edit] Liberator

  • A new resin on the exterior of the Liberator will now protect it better from rockets and missles. Yes, we said resin. Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.

[edit] Magrider

  • Magburners are now standard issue on all Magrider tanks. Fuel Recycler certifications will not only recharge this ability more quickly but is better for the Auraxian environment.

[edit] Prowler

  • In response to popular request, the Terran Republic command has authorized the use of additional front armor to increase defense of the Prowler.
  • The 120mm Prowler rounds have heavier loads which now do splash damage.

[edit] Sunderer

  • New tech will now require certification to provide resupply and repair. Extended certifications will increase the effective range.
  • The Sunderer is now capable of use as a respawn point for infantry.
  • Valuable materials used in Sunderer production are in very short supply increasing the cost of this vehicle from 200 Alloys to 450. Don’t worry, we threw in the pine scented air freshener for free.

[edit] Vanguard

  • Vanguard Shields are now a certification and item. Please remember to equip this item in order to ensure increased surviviability of the shield. We make a killing in resales.

[edit] Weapons

  • Vanu Sovereignty scientists have found a way to increase the projectile speed of Vanu infantry weapon projectiles.
  • Experimentation is being done on light machine gun, carbine, and assault rifle weaponry for recoil. While vertical recoil is much more predictable, horizontal has been slightly increased. To be honest, just hope for a fat target.
  • New standard ammunition for Terran Republic Carbines, Assault Rifles, and Repeater have adjusted weapon damage.
  • Vanu Sovereignty Pistols are now doing increased damage. Seriously, Fred was just tinkering with it and bam! Don't touch any of the settings, we still haven't found two of his fingers.
  • The New Conglomerate and Terran Republic have long been harassed by Vanu Sovereignty Infiltrators and better equipped their infrantry. Long range kills with a sniper rifle may now require an additional shot.

[edit] World Design

  • Facility Capture times have been changed. They increase based on the amount of influence and size. And before you say it, we verified with all sources and can confirm that is not what she said.
  • Warpgate’s have been re-designed. It’s now easier to board your allies’ vehicles with less risk of being run over. Still be sure to look both ways before running out of the spawn area.
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