Beta Update (2012/10/12)

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The servers have been updated so here is a little information about changes you may notice.


[edit] Underslung Weapons Available

Need a little extra punch? Strap one of our new under slung weapons to a Carbine or grab a Shotgun when you breach your next base. Whether it's a high explosive grenade or devastating shotgun round, you'll clear a room with ease. Certify for using these weapons today

[edit] Empire Heavy Weapons

Every soldier knows a successful engagement requires significant amounts of firepower. Prove yours is bigger and show up with a Jackhammer or Lasher to turn the tide of battle. Check out the Store and earn yours today.

[edit] Notable Changes:

  • Certification just got easier (lower) on a number of weapon attachments.
  • Population bonuses now display appropriately. We just wanted to remind you how outnumbered you were.
  • Vehicles now pass through shields without any graphical anomalies. And by anomalies we mean randomly vaporizing personnel traveling through it. So no more hosing that smell out your Sunderer!

[edit] World:

  • Generator destruction effects and voice over are now available.

[edit] Weapons and Certifications:

  • Shotguns are now available for purchase. We'd like to remind you these are not for "hunting game' in the Warpgate.
  • Underslung grenade launchers and shotguns are available for compatible weaponry. The keyword here is compatible so please stop duct taping things to Light Machine Guns.
  • Heavy weaponry such as the Jackhammer, Lasher, and MCG are now available. We aren't sure why you'd carry anything smaller than these but hey, we don't judge size.

[edit] Vehicles:

  • The Lightning, Vanguard, and Prowler now have certifications for Tank Rotation and Braking Force. However, these will not prevent you from being "that guy" in the armor convoy.
  • Vehicles now have a critical damage state. This means they are on fire. Beyond the fact you are basically roasting in a mobile easybake oven, it's going to affect their performance.
  • Good news! Fire suppression system certifications have been added to repair critically damaged vehicles. We advise not breathing in the fumes from these systems. Look we can't safety test everything.
  • Aircraft have had their health increased to compensate for critical damage. Stil keep in mind this just means you are roasting in a fast moving easybake oven.
  • Composite Armor for aircraft now also reduces Flak damage and is now 4 ranks. We still don't advise playing chicken by hovering in front of a Burster armed MAX unit.
  • Tanks now have access to Proximity Radar certifications. A reminder if they can see you, they can run you over. Pedistrians do not have the right of way.
  • The Liberator is now much more resistant to Flak and slightly more resistant to antiaircraft fire. Paint, better armor, silly putty on the wings. We've just stopped guessing how it's being improved.

The following weapons have had some tuning adjustments.

[edit] Resources:

  • Resources have been renamed to be more intuitive.
  • Auraxium is now only rewarded to active players. This means you can probably stop killing people idling in the Warpgate. Probably.

[edit] Social:

  • Outfit tags are now displayed on player names. You can now get out there and embarrass your Outfit at will.

[edit] Performance:

  • We continue to make performance optimizations to improve your gameplay experience.
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