AS16 NightHawk

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AS16 NightHawk
404 missing weaponicon 256x128.png
General Info
Empire Terran Republic
Type Shotgun
Class Light AssaultCombat MedicEngineerHeavy Assault
Range Classified
Magazine Size 6
Fire Modes Automatic
Cost to Unlock 750 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png

Designed with a lightning-quick fully-automatic receiver, the AS16 NightHawk features a higher rate of fire than typical shotguns.

The nighthawk will absolutely tear through anything within 10 meters. I recommend the extended mag, which gives +4 rounds on top of the 6. Slugs can be fun for medium to long range semiautomatic shooting.

[edit] Weapon Stats (As of June 20,2013)

Bullet Damage Firing Mode Reload Times Magazine Stats Recoil ADS Move Speed COF Stand ADS COF Crouch ADS COF Stand Hip COF Crouch Hip COF Bloom per Shot ROF Bullet Speed
Max Min Spread Mode Short Long Size Pool Vertical Recoil Min/Max Horiz. Recoil Min/Max Recoil Angle Horiz. Recoil Bias Recoil Dec. First Shot Recoil Mult. ADS Move Speed Mult. Still Move Jump Still Move Still Move Sprint Jump Still Move ADS Hip ROF Bullet Speed
125 x 6 45 4 Semi Auto 2.6 3.8 6 42 1.3 0.2/0.2 0/0 ←=→ 15 1x 0.75x 0.1 0.9 2 0.1 0.35 1.5 2 5 6 1 1.5 0.5 0.5 225 rpm 300 m/s
PlanetSide Universe
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