Beta Update (2012/08/06)

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There are a ton of changes with this latest build, so needless to say I’m only going to cover some of the highpoints. Because of the extent of the modifications to players we’ve had to do a character wipe. However, the amount of new stuff™ is definitely worth checking out.


[edit] High level changes:

  • Capture Points will now use King of the Hill mechanics to determine ownership.
  • Some Certifications have been enabled. Weapon attachments removed from starting loadout as well as explosives can be reacquired via these Certs.
  • Implants and Vehicle Weapons now available for purchase with Auraxium in the Marketplace.
  • Vehicles now can no longer be piloted by other players until original owner creates new vehicle.
  • Weapon and vehicle tuning has been done across the board as well as various bug fixes.
  • New characters now begin with starting weapons.
  • Various fixes and changes to bases" and outposts have been made.
  • Security Consoles now go through a re-encryption period after a facility is captured before another Empire can attempt to claim it.
  • Players can now Hot Drop to Hotspots from the Map.
  • The Grief System has been enabled to dissuade players from killing members of their own team. Further work is ongoing.
  • Region ownership is persistent.
  • Stat tracking has been re-enabled.
  • Players can access the Facility Leaderboards using the Tab key.

[edit] Bug fixes by popular demand:

  • Biolab’s now have shields on the secondary teleporter room doors.
  • Screen shake has been toned down.
  • Inverting look and fly no longer cancels each other out.
  • New Conglomerate Reflex Sights work again.
  • The issue where the world would flicker has been fixed.
  • The issue causing motion blur to re-enable after turning it off in the Settings UI has been fixed.
  • Players should no longer respawn with ironsights locked on after dying while using ironsights.

[edit] The Following are Known Issues:

  • Users receive a G14 when logging out of the game.
  • Player collisions with vehicles do not always cause the player to die.
  • Region influence of 75% adversely affects region capture.
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