Beta Update (2012/11/10)

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This war is gearing up and every empire is ready to make a major push. First all the facilities are online and if you want the access to regeneration, tanks, and better turrets? Each facility will provide you one of those bonuses. Get in there and secure them otherwise you are stuck with general issue. Make your empire proud!

Taking bases just got a little tougher recruit and there is no more flip flop capturing. You want to hold a facility you are going to have to earn it with our new tug or war style system. A strong squad (or bring a platoon) will ensure success more easily and feel free to make use of the new cover around capture points if you get pinned down.


[edit] Patch Video Review

[edit] General:

  • The first phase of the new player experience has been added.
  • Base facility ownership bonuses have been added.
  • Tug of War capture mechanics have replaced the ticket system.
  • Infantry jump height has been reduced slightly.
  • Shields should now regenerate in a vehicle.
  • Pain fields have been reimplemented at spawn points.

[edit] Notable Bug Fixes:

  • The southwest Heyoka Tech Plant landing pad will now resupply friendly aircraft.
  • Ikanam Bio-Lab terminals will now spawn MBTs.
  • Litchcorp Secure Mine now has AV and AA Phalanx turrets as intended.
  • Players should now receive resources while in Phalanx turrets.
  • Ikanam Bio Lab Teleporters and Forward Spawns should now change empire when captured.

[edit] Known Issue:

  • Adjustments have been made to stats which may provide unexpected behavior. We anticipate this to be completely resolved with the next character wipe.
  • Music may play unexpectedly and at inopportune times during base capture.

[edit] Weapons:

  • New weapons are now available for certifications.
  • Sniper Rifles now have additional attachments.
  • The grenade warning indicator radius has been increased slightly.
  • The Strong Arm and Pitcher certifications have been removed.
  • Explosives and mines will now be persistent even when a class is changed.
  • Grenades should now explode even after death.
  • The MANA Turret certifications are now available. Each rank will decrease overheat time.

[edit] Classes:

  • Resist Shield now has a movement penalty when active.
  • The MAX certifications trees have been renamed. Ammo storage Canisters is now under utilities.
  • MAX Kinetic Armor will now only resist small arms fire.
  • Heavy Assault AA weapons now do less damage.

[edit] World:

  • A number of facilities have additional defenses such as turrets, gates, cover, and more restrictive vehicle access added to them.
  • Ownership of certain facilities will provide bonuses to empires on each continent:
    • Biolab - Ownership of a biolab will provide health regeneration.
    • Tech Plant - A Tech Plant is now required to spawn the Main Battle Tank (Vanguard, Prowler, Magrider).
    • Amp Station - An Amp station reduces the time to overheat Phalanx turrets.
  • Capturing all contested territories in a continent will provide a temporary bonus to the controlling empire:
    • Indar - Reduction of cost for items purchased with Infantry resources.
    • Esamir - Reduction of cost for vehicles purchased with mechanized resources.
    • Amerish - Reduction of cost for aircraft purchased with aerospace resources.
  • Capture mechanics have changed. Please see this thread for specifics on Tug of War capture.

[edit] Vehicles:

  • Landing should be improved for aircraft with landing gear, it should be much easier to land and take no damage.
  • Skyguard magazine size has been increased from 40 to 50.
  • The recoil on the 120mm Prowler cannons has been reduced.

[edit] Sunderer:

  • AMS terminals now work on the sides. Terminals have been removed from the back.
  • Visuals have been added for AMS and Ammo attachments.

[edit] Galaxy:

  • The Galaxy is now more resistant to Flak damage.

[edit] Liberator:

  • The resistance to most damage has been increased.
  • The cone of the fire on the Tank Buster Cannon has been improved.
  • The 105mm cannon has increased damage, projectile speed, and a lower reload time.
  • The projectile speed of the 150mm cannon has been increased.
  • The Shredder has increased damage.

[edit] Fighters

  • Air to Air missiles now have increased damage and lock on range.
  • Rotary cannons now do less damage.
  • Rocket Pods now have reduced damage and increased reload speed.
  • Fighters are now more resistant to aircraft machines guns.
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