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[edit] General:

  • Horns are now available for the Sunderer and Flash! Check the Depot under Vehicle Gear.
  • New weaponry is currently being issued to all three empires. If you are looking for a new light machine gun or assault rifle, head to the Depot and check them out.
  • A number of changes have been made to Vehicle and Aircraft weaponry. Please see the Vehicle notes below.
  • Fixed a few crash bugs and provided some optimizations to improve gameplay.
  • Players may now make multiple characters on the same server.

[edit] Notable Bugfixes:

  • The NS-11 Platinum should now properly unlock medals.
  • The Facebook Promotional Weapons should now properly unlock medals.
  • Players should no longer be able to spot enemies without a line of sight.
  • The Gauss Compact S will now provide players the ability to aim down sights and strafe more accurately.
  • Destroying enemy terminals will no longer provide a Kill stat.
  • The Light Assault Jumpjet will no longer break if you run into terrain while in flight.
  • When holding down push to talk it should no longer become "stuck" when released.
  • The NS-11 will now have a sound indicating it is being reloaded.
  • Spawning a vehicle in the warpgate will no longer cause players to fall through the world.
  • The TX2 Emperor should now provide the correct damage level to targets.

[edit] Vehicles:

  • The tail gun on the Liberator is now located on the back of the tail wing and not underneath it. This provides a greater coverage for all tail gun variants.
  • Aircraft and Phalanx Turret resistance to the following weapons has been reduced:
  • Personal Defense Weapons (on light aircraft only)
  • Sunderer resistance to heavy machine guns has been increased.
  • All Flak damage has been increased by 5%.
  • The Composite Armor tooltip has been adjusted to be more accurate.

[edit] Infantry Weaponry:

[edit] Weapons:

  • The NS Decimator rocket launcher is now available to all empires.

[edit] Terran Republic:

  • The TAR will provide the best hip fire of this empires assault rifles.
  • The T32 Bull will provide an adaptable solution to long or short range combat but has a slow reload.

[edit] New Conglomerate:

  • The Carnage BR is now available. This medium-fast fire rate assault rifle has good hip fire and range limiting recoil.
  • The Anchor light machine gun provided good mobility and a 45 round magazine.

[edit] Vanu Sovereignty:

  • The Corvus assault rifle has a slow rate of fire but compensates with deadly accuracy.
  • The Ursa light machine gun will provide a slightly lower rate of fire but extreme accurate fire.

[edit] General Weaponry:

  • Tank Mines can now once again be deployed by throwing them reverting the change made last week.
  • Lock on Rocket Launchers will no longer fire without a lock on.
  • Extended ammunition attachments will no longer provide more ammunition capability than intended. They all will now provide 4 more rounds.
  • A small increase in movement accuracy with iron sights was made on on slower assault rifles, carbines, and light machine guns.
  • A small decrease in movement accuracy was made with the 40 round assault rifles and carbines.
  • The NC Gauss and Gauss S now have increased projectile speed.
  • The Cycler TRV now has reduced hip fire accuracy.
  • The Razor GD-23 now has reduced recoil for the first shot.
  • The TR CARV and CARV S now have increased equip time.
  • The LA80 projectile speed has been reduced to put it in line with the other empire sniper rifles.

[edit] Vehicle Weaponry:

[edit] Aircraft:

  • M20 Drake: Previously the M20 Basilisk, this weapon has increased top end damage. It also has a longer range before damage fall off occurs.
  • M60-A Bulldog: Previously the M60 Bulldog, this aircraft weapon has had the following changes:
    • Magazine size has been reduced from 10 to 6.
    • Magazine size certifications now 1 round per rank increase.
    • Projectile speed has been increased
    • Direct hit damage has been increased
    • Splash damage will no longer damage heavy armor.
    • The M60-A has a faster projectile than its ground based variant the M-60G.
  • A30 Walker: This is now the air variant of the Walker weapon system.
    • The reticule and first person tracer have been changed to make them easier to see.
    • Projectile speed is slower but drop has been reduced.
    • Damage has been increased overall.
  • Light Aircraft Rocketpods:
    • Blast radius in which maximum damage occurs has been reduced. This does not change the size of the blast radius.
    • Damage against Sunderers and Aircraft have been reduced.
    • Significantly reduced damage against Phalanx turrets.
  • Liberator AP30 Shredder:
    • Damage has been increased at close ranges.
    • Magazine size has been increased to 50.
  • Reaver Air Hammer:
    • The projectile spread has been tightened up.
    • Damage per projectile has been increased.
    • Damage fall off will occur at a further distance.

[edit] Ground Weaponry:

    • The Lightning Skyguard Turret has increased projectile speed and it's reticule has been adjusted to use the Terran Republic Burster MAX reticule.

  • C75 Viper:
    • Direct hit damage increased
    • Increased maximum blast radius damage
  • M40 Fury:
    • Reduced damage against heavy armor.
    • Upped direct hit damage and blast damage.
  • Anti-Personnel Phalanx Turret:
    • Cone of Fire tightened up a bit
    • Slight adjustments to heat. Will cool off a bit faster and take a little bit longer to overheat.
    • Pushed out range where projectiles start to lose damage significantly.

[edit] World:

  • The main shields at Tech Plants are now operated by two generators in the outlying buildings. These shields now have icons that display the status of the generators.
  • Frosbite Harbor Spawn Room now has a pain field.
  • The grav pads at the Dahaka Amp Station western forward spawn are now functional.
  • Players are no longer able to spawn at Sungrey Amp Station when the SCU has been destroyed.
  • Enemy projectiles will no longer go through the Biolab Gate Shields.
  • Players still in a vehicle once the pilot has logged off will no longer disconnect.
  • The Phalanx Turret has increased projectile speed and it's reticule has been adjusted to use the MAX burster reticule.

[edit] UI:

  • The Regen benefit of a Biolab will now display on the Tab scoreboard.
  • All Heavy Assault ability items are now using unique icons.
  • Platoons should now longer state they are “full” when all squads have squad leaders and there is still room for more members.
  • SAS-R and Impetus optics will now display a description when hovering over with a mouse.
  • The TS4 Haymaker and FA1 Barrage now have a tooltip when mousing over the progress bar.
  • Moving a player to another squad will no longer boot them from a Squad/Platoon locked vehicle.
  • Players removed from a Squad or Platoon channel will no longer be able to use that channel.
  • Unoccupied Phalanx Turrets should now display “Press [E] to Enter” messaging.

[edit] Visual:

  • The NS-11 Platinum and Ns-11A rifles are no longer the same color.
  • The Sunderer Smoke Screen will no longer hide decals.
  • Lightning Hood Ornaments will no longer be placed on top of decals.
  • New Conglomerate African Forest Weapon Camo no longer displays Vanu Sovereignty coloring.
  • A MAX unit will no longer appear to float while descending on a Grav Pad.
  • Purchased Weapon Camo will no longer be cleared when a weapon trial ends.
  • The Engineering Repair tool is now black.
  • Main Battle Tank and Lightning armor should no longer cover decals.
  • The Lasher magazine will now reload and no longer “floats” if the player is sprinting.
  • The NC Gauss Compact S Underbarrel weapons will now show a reloading animation correctly.
  • A player will no longer siplay headless and frozen in a riding pose when killed on a Quad.
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