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Term Meaning
AA Anti-Air
ADS Aim Down Scope/Sight
AH The M30 Mustang Air Hammer.
AI Anti-Infantry (Anti-Personnel)
AoE Area of Effect
AP Armour Piercing. Usually referring to the main gun of the MBT or Lightning tank. Effective against Armour with minimal splash damage.
AV Anti-Vehicle (Anti-Tank, Anti-Vehicular, Anti-Transport)
Air-term Air Vehicle Terminal
Anti-Max mine / AM Mine Any Anti-Personnel Mine set up in a way that will detonate a brick of C4 or Tank Mine. Designed to kill MAX units or soldiers wearing Flak Armor.
Backcapping A strategy where one captures a facility in the back of a peninsula of control in order to cut off the remaining peninsula of territory.
Backhacking A strategy in 2 varieties - "Backhacking" usually describes hacking a base with the defending force staying guard and "ghosthacking" represents a hack that has no defense force on it.
Bacon is Crispy Spawn Beacon is no longer good.
Bacon is served/cooked Spawn Beacon has been deployed.
Bang Bus Sunderer
Battle Bus Sunderer - Specifically one with a combat oriented loadout.
Barney A Vanu Sovereignty fighter – So named for the purple color scheme of their armor
Biofarm A stalemate at a Bio-Lab at which both sides can earn a tremendous amount of certs
Bloom The random pattern of bullet placement within the CoF, usually referring to the size.
Blueberry New Conglomerate fighter - So named for the blue color scheme of their armor.
Blues Friendly units not part of your squad/platoon.
Boomer A controlled explosive - a sticky explosive box that has a remote trigger - Used on door frames and corners as booby traps, now known as C4
BR Battle Rank
BRRT 1. The sound made by the Mini Chaingun 2. The Mini Chaingun itself 3. The Ballistic Rapid Refire Trigger, an attachment option for Mini Chaingun that decreases the weapon's time to spin-up to maximum Rate of Fire.
Burster A Max unit equipped with Burster anti air weapons.
Bus Sunderer
Bushido Japanese for "Way of the Warrior," often referring to a "proper" way of playing the game, using playstyles and loadouts deemed respectable by the playerbase.
C-4 Fairy A light assault dropping C-4 onto tanks by flying over them.
Cap Either to capture a base or the control point of a base.
CC Control Console (Control Node)
Cert Certification Point
Cheese/Cheesy A tactic or method of earning points that requires little skill or is decided as uncouth by the playerbase (See: Bushido).
Common Pool A piece of equipment usable by all three Empires (opposite of Empire Specific (ES))
Clegged To bungle something. In reference to screenshot where developer Adam Clegg put a Galaxy in a precarious position.[1][2]
Cloaker Infiltrator - A player using stealth armor
CoF Cone of Fire
CQC Close Quarters Combat
DBG Daybreak Games, the developers of the game.
Dorito The Red triangle marker over a spotted enemy. Dorito can also refer to Anti-Tank Mines.
ES Empire Specific
ESF Empire-Specific Fighter, VTOL attack fighter, referring to the Reaver, Mosquito, and Scythe
Esa Esamir
Elmo A Terran Republic Fighter – So called for the red color scheme of their armor
Engy/Engie An Engineer class player
Farming Activity solely meant for racking up kills and points using an easy method
Flag Control Console (Control Node)
Flak nest High concentration of usually coordinated anti air units.
Fun Bus Sunderer
Gal Galaxy
Ghosting / Ghost Cap Capturing a hex with small to no resistance
HA Heavy Assault
HE High Explosive round, effective against infantry
HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank, effective against both armor and infantry
JH Jackhammer
Jesus Grenade A Nanite Revive Grenade used by a Combat Medic to revive fallen allied infantry. So named their ability to bring the dead back to life.
Jihad Jeep/Jihadi Jeep A Flash ATV with C4 attached to the front. Designed to be driven into the enemy and detonated causing severe damage. So named for the tendency of this tactic to result in the death of the driver as well.
Lib/ Libby Liberator
LOLpods Rocket pods mounted on ESFs
Love/Lovin' Repairs or Healing.
Mag/ Maggie Magrider
Magic Missile Lock On missiles
Magmower A Vanu Sovereignty empire specific hover tank properly called the Magrider, and commonly called the Magmower because of its incredible maneuverability that gives it exceptional strength at running over and killing friendly troops, and occasionally enemy troops too.
MAX Crash A strategy of an amassed MAX push
MBT Main Battle Tank, referring to the Vanguard, Prowler, and Magrider
MCG Mini Chain-gun
Mossie Mosquito A TR light air superiority fighter craft
Murder used to describe a large flight of combat aircraft. Presumably named after a “Murder of Crows”
NC New Conglomerate
NS Nanite Systems, equipment that all 3 factions can use.
OL Outfit Leader
O:MFG Operation: Make Faster Game - A series of patches to optimize the game.
OP Overpowered
OS Orbital Strike
Out Pop/Out Popped Refers to a situation where one faction has a numerical advantage over another.
Pancake A Tank Mine
Pizza Box A Tank Mine
Pizza Delivery! The act of placing Tank Mines underneath or around a stationary vehicle, like an unaware tank or deployed Sunderer, then detonating them either by shooting the mines or throwing a grenade.
PL Platoon Leader
Point Control Node
Pop Population - Refers to the number/proportion of players from each faction in an area/continent/server.
PTS Public Test Server
Pubs/Pubbies A term used to refer to friendly players who aren't in your platoon/squad/outfit
Randoms A term used to refer to friendly players who aren't in your platoon/squad/outfit
Raspberry Term for Terran Republic units, due to their color scheme.
Resec To re-secure a hacked base
Roach A Magrider
Rez Universal gaming slang; to revive a fallen player as a medic, or be revived by medic
RoF Rate of Fire
ScattMax An NC MAX using a shotgun-type weapon on both arms
SL Squad Leader
Small-Arms Infantry weapons specified for damaging infantry, unable to deal damage to Vehicles. Small-Arms fire can, however, damage Flash ATVs, Harasser Transport vehicles, and Empire-Specific Fighter planes, albeit minimally.
Smedbucks Station Cash
Smurf A New Conglomerate Fighter – So called for the blue color scheme of their armor. Also a universal gaming slang term that refers to a skilled player using a low-level account.
SOE Sony Online Entertainment, previous name of the developers of the game.
Softy Any non-MAX infantry unit
Space Whale A Galaxy, so named for its size, slow speed, look and poor maneuverability. Some are equipped with a whale horn that reinforces this stereotype.
Squishy Any non-MAX infantry unit
Sundy/ Sundae/ Thunderer A term for Sunderer
Sugar-box Ammo unit on the ground for Infantry and MAX units that take down Air
Swagrider A Magrider with a lot of cosmetic upgrades.
Threeway A conflict with all three sides participating.
Tickling Elmo's Killing Terran Republic Fighters with automatic gun fire.
TLC Tender Loving Care - Repairs or Healing.
TR Terran Republic
UP Under powered
V-term Vehicle terminal
V-thrust Vertical thrust
Van/Vanny/Vannie Vanguard
VS Vanu Sovereignty
Warp-gating Taking all of an empire's capture-able territory on a continent so that the only territory they hold is the warpgate. The warp-gated faction loses any continent bonuses they had on that continent.
Warping 2 meanings: 1. Also known as ADADADADAD, strafing with bad connection resulting in irrational character movement, dictated by the imperfect netcode. 2. Teleporting to another continent.
WDS World Domination Series
WG Warpgate
WP Way-point, often Squad Way-point.
Zerg A mass collection of fighting units that appear unorganized, yet successfully attack facilities due to sheer numbers
ZOE A VS Max using the Zealot Overdrive ability
Whoring Activity solely meant for racking up kills and points using an easy method

[edit] References

PlanetSide Universe
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