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File:Tr scoutRifle 2x1.png
General Info
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Type Scout Rifle
Class Infiltrator
Range Classified
Magazine Size 10
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic
Cost to Unlock 750 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png

The Heavy Scout Rifle features a higher rate of fire and an extended magazine compared to semi-auto sniper rifles.

The HSR-1 is a semi-automatic scout rifle used by the infiltrator class. Like the KSR-35(which outperforms it in every category except for hip-fire accuracy) it is an accurate weapon intended for use at medium range. Unlike the KSR-35, the HSR-1 boasts the ability to attach both a compensator and laser sight to improve the weapons performance, in addition to the standard upgrades available to all weapons, such as the flashlight, suppressor, and forward grip. Like the KSR-35 the HSR-1 can attach all of the standard non-sniper scopes, including the iron sight(default), reflex sights, holographic dot sights, and 3.4x, 4x, and 6x variant marksman scopes.

The HSR-1 has a couple of unique properties listed below:

- You cannot see your own tracers very easily as they disappear quickly after being fired

- Near-misses from the HSR-1 and other scout rifles will play the same sonic-crack sound effect that a sniper rifle near miss makes.

- The weapon firing sound effect has unique audio.

Short Range Performance:

While the laser sight upgrade available for the weapon indicates that the weapon could potentially be used in close quarters and fired from the hip, I don't recommend that you do this as hip-fire accuracy is woefully inadequate and there are better options available to the infiltrator in such scenarios such as the SMG-46 Armistice.

Medium Range Performance:

Medium Range performance is similarly lackluster, the KSR-35's superior damage and sustained fire accuracy make it better than the HSR-1 at this range.

Final Thoughts:

If you're looking for a reasonably good rifle that can be customized to fill both the medium and short range niche's in your play the HSR-1 is a good choice. However if you are looking for a rifle specific to one playstyle or the other there are better options out there.


Weapon Stats (As of May 9,2013)

Bullet Damage Firing Mode Reload Times Magazine Stats Recoil ADS Move Speed COF Stand ADS COF Crouch ADS COF Stand Hip COF Crouch Hip COF Bloom per Shot ROF Bullet Speed
Max Min Mode Short Long Size Pool Vertical Recoil Min/Max Horiz. Recoil Min/Max Recoil Angle Horiz. Recoil Bias Recoil Dec. First Shot Recoil Mult. ADS Move Speed Mult. Still Move Jump Still Move Still Move Sprint Jump Still Move ADS Hip ROF Bullet Speed
334 @ 15m 250 @ 65m Semi Auto 2s 2.9s 12 60 1 0.1/0.2 0/0 ←=→ 8 1x 0.5x 0.1 0.25 3 0.1 0.15 3 3.5 5 7 2.5 3 0.3 0.6 225 rpm 500 m/s


Available Ammunition
High Velocity Soft Point

Barrel Attachments

Available Barrel Attachments
Compensator Suppressor Flash Suppressor

Rail Attachments

Available Rail Attachments
Extended Magazine Flashlight Forward Grip Adv. Forward Grip Laser Sight Adv. Laser Sight Smoke Launcher Grenade Launcher Shotgun


Available Optics
Ironsight IRNV Scope Reflex Sight Reflex Sight 2x 3.4x Scope Laser 3.4x Scope 4x Scope Laser 4x Scope 6x Scope 7x Scope 8x Scope 10x Scope 12x Scope
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