M1 Heavy Cycler

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M1 Heavy Cycler
File:Tr MAX Weapon 2x1.png
General Info
Empire Logo tr.pngTerran Republic
Type MAX Weapon
Class MAX
Range Classified
Magazine Size 60
Fire Modes Automatic
Cost to Unlock 1,000 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png

'Originally developed as a stationary turret, the MAX-mounted, multi-barreled M1 Heavy Cycler is capable of shredding apart entire squads without needing to reload.'

In effect it is a very capable anti-infantry weapon. It has an excellent rate of fire combined with a good ammo magazine and you will need to reload your secondary weapon more often than the M1. Happily, the reload is also correct.

Now, the downsides. It lacks accuracy past-mid distance and its recoil is easy to feel when maintaining fire. Generally speaking, it's in line with the MAXs role : It's essentially a melee weapon.

Weapon Stats (As of May 9,2013)

Maximum Damage

  • 143 @ 10m

Minimum Damage

  • 125 @ 65m

Fire Mode

  • Automatic

Short Reload

  • 2.4s

Long Reload

  • 3s

Magazine Size

  • 60

Ammo Pool

  • 420

Vertical Recoil

  • 0.2

Min/Max Horizontal Recoil

  • 0/0

Recoil Angle Min/Max

  • -0.25/0.25

Recoil Bias

  • ← = →

Recoil Decrease

  • 7

First Shot Recoil Multiplier

  • 15x

COF Stand Hipfire

  • Still: 2
  • Move: 2.5
  • Sprint: 5
  • Jump: 7

COF Crouch Hipfire

  • Still: 1.5
  • Move: 2

COF Bloom per Shot

  • ADS: 0
  • Hipfire: 0.05


  • 400 rpm

Bullet Speed

  • 450m/s

PlanetSide Universe
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