Quasar VM1

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Quasar VM1
Vs max antiInfantry01 256x128.png
General Info
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Type MAX Weapon
Class MAX
Range Classified
Magazine Size 50
Fire Modes Automatic
Cost to Unlock 1,000 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png

The heavy Quasar VM1 was one of the earliest weapons created with discovered Vanu technology. The rapid firing plasma cannon can tear apart enemy foot soldiers with ease.


[edit] Weapon Stats (As of May 9,2013)

Maximum Damage

  • 167 @ 10m

Minimum Damage

  • 143 @ 75m

Fire Mode

  • Automatic

Short Reload

  • 2.1s

Long Reload

  • 2.8s

Magazine Size

  • 50

Ammo Pool

  • 350

Vertical Recoil

  • 0.2

Min/Max Horizontal Recoil

  • 0/0

Recoil Angle Min/Max

  • -0.25/0.25

Recoil Bias

  • ← = →

Recoil Decrease

  • 7

First Shot Recoil Multiplier

  • 1.5x

COF Stand Hipfire

  • Still: 1.9
  • Move: 2.4
  • Sprint: 5
  • Jump: 5

COF Crouch Hipfire

  • Still: 1.4
  • Move: 1.9

COF Bloom per Shot

  • ADS: 0
  • Hipfire: 0.06


  • 337 rpm

Bullet Speed

  • 450m/s

[edit] Field usage

[edit] Assault

Recommended use for close quarter only. The lack of accuracy at mid range makes the MAX unable to stop or suppress opponents.

[edit] Support

To put the Quasar in good use, ambush or room overwatch are advised support tactics. The steady rate of fire and short range accuracy inflict lots of damage over small troops closing in.

[edit] PlanetSide

Side view of the Quasar MAX in the original PlanetSide

The Quasar is the VS anti-infantry MAX.

PlanetSide Universe
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