Lancer VS22

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Lancer VS22
Icon Weapon VS RocketLauncher002 256x128.png
General Info
Empire Logo vs.pngVanu Sovereignty
Type Rocket Launcher
Class Heavy Assault
Range Classified
Magazine Size 6
Fire Modes Charge
Cost to Unlock 1,000 Icon certification point.png OR 700Resource icon station cash.png

The Lancer VS22's charge up particle accelerator is capable of firing a beam that punches through enemy armor with frightening speed. The more the weapon is charged the more ammunition will be used, causing more damage. VS use only.

Weapon Stats (As of May 9,2013)

Note: a/b/c means 'Charge 1'/'Charge 2'/'Charge 3'

Rocket Damage

  • 150/375/750

Splash Damage

  • N/A

Fire Mode

  • Dumbfire

Short Reload

  • 4s

Long Reload

  • 5s

Magazine Size

  • 6

Ammo Pool

  • 18

Lock On Time

  • N/A

Lock Lose Time

  • N/A

Lock On Range

  • N/A

Lock On Angle

  • N/A

ADS Move Speed Multiplier

  • 0.5x

COF Stand Hipfire

  • Still: 3
  • Move: 3.5
  • Sprint: 5
  • Jump: 7

COF Crouch Hipfire

  • Still: 2.5
  • Move: 3

COF Bloom per Shot

  • ADS: 2
  • Hipfire: 2


  • N/A

Rocket Speed Dumbfire

  • 600/700/800 m/s

Rocket Speed Locked On

  • N/A

Max Range Dumbfire

  • 699/700/700 m

Max Range Locked On

  • N/A

Rocket Drop

  • 0



The Lancer was the primary VS anti-armor shoulder rifle. It featured a long range, large magazine, but no lock-on capability.

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